Curriculum Intent

At St Joan of Arc School, our intent is to give the children a positive primary science experience so that they can develop an appreciation of the applications of science and its value in the wider world.  Science encourages many types of learning such as critical thinking and problem-solving which will be applicable in the rest of children’s lives in and out of the classroom.

Our science curriculum is based on the Switched-on Science scheme of work, which focuses on the development and application of key scientific skills and knowledge and understanding of fundamental scientific concepts.  From year to year, pupils build up a significant bank of scientific knowledge which they can use to explain how things work and understand the world around them

Curriculum Implementation

Science aims to create an evidence-based understanding of the world around us, encouraging thoughtful investigating, exploring, and questioning.  Translating this across to the classroom, we ensure every unit in science contains opportunities for problem solving; allowing children to explore solutions, research and ask questions and carry out practical investigations. We make use of our garden and other outdoor spaces on the school grounds to provide practical science activities and we use our local environment to stimulate and enhance science learning.

Science Learning at St Joan of Arc involves conceptual knowledge, understanding and working scientifically.  The Switch -on Science scheme of work is adapted to reflect these two aspects. Where appropriate, we make meaningful links with topics taught in other curriculum areas.

Children are given ample opportunities to develop and secure their conceptual knowledge and understanding through Knowledge organisers and low-stakes quizzes. Children are also engaged through Talk for science activities in science lessons- these help to develop scientific language and help secure key knowledge. Through planning investigation opportunities, we provide problem solving opportunities that allow children to explore solutions themselves.

Curriculum Impact

The children in St Joan of Arc are able to explain a wide variety of scientific processes using the correct scientific vocabulary. Children can confidently hypothesise, plan, carry out and evaluate experiments to test and expand their scientific understanding.

The children create work, displays and showcases of their scientific understanding that demonstrates firm understanding of the school’s taught curriculum. Children are able to make links between science topics studied during their time at the school and link their knowledge between themes.

The children will have opportunities to clarify thoughts, generate conclusions, develop theories, and ask new questions across the whole range of the curriculum.

Children are encouraged to ask their own questions and are given opportunities to use their scientific skills and research to discover the answers. This curiosity is celebrated within the classroom.

Examples of children’s work