Pupil Performance 2022

In the summer term of 2022, pupils in the Y1, Y2 and Y6 were assessed in accordance with government guidelines. Below we have included some information on how our pupils performed – including national and local data for 2022 – so you can see how we compare to national statistics. We are very proud of all our pupils and congratulate them on their hard work and achievements.

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Y1 Phonics Screening Results

Pupils in Year 1, were asked to read 40 words which were made of 20 ‘real’ words and 20 ‘nonsense’ words. Pupils are judged to have met the required standard if they are able to read 32 or more of the 40 words correctly. 90% of our Year 1 pupils met this standard, well above national and local results.

KS1 SATS Results

Pupils in Year 2 were assessed in reading, writing and maths. Pupils sit a maths and a reading test to reinforce teacher assessments/judgments.




KS2 SATS Results

In May 2022 Year 6 pupils were assessed in reading, writing, maths and SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar). Pupils sit a formal test for these subjects, except for writing, which is assessed by our teachers. Pupils are considered to have met the ‘expected’ standard or to be working at ‘greater depth’ within the subject.


Writing (teacher assessed)


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Progress Scores

As a year group, the pupils achieved above the national average in reaching the expected standard for reading, writing and maths. Very pleasingly, these results show that our Year 6 students made good progress when compared with pupils nationally.

Results of June 2022

Scaled Score

Although tests are developed to the same specification each year, because the questions must be different, the difficulty of tests may vary. This means we need to convert the total number of marks a pupil gets in a test (their ‘raw’ score) into a ‘scaled’ score, to ensure we can make accurate comparisons of performance over time.

Pupils scoring at least 100 will have met the expected standard on the test. However, given that the difficulty of the tests may vary each year, the number of raw score marks needed to achieve the scaled score of 100 may also change. For example, if the overall difficulty of a test decreases compared to previous years, the raw score required to meet the expected standard will increase. Similarly, if the test is more difficult, the raw score required to meet the expected standard will decrease.

Average scaled score per pupil

Combined Scores

Reading, writing and maths:
percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in all three subjects. Nationally, 59% of pupils achieved this 2022
SJA 72%
Reading, writing and maths:
percentage of pupils achieving a high score in all three subjects (Greater depth in Writing and scaled scores of 110+ in Maths and Reading). Nationally, 11 % of pupils achieved this in 2019 (2022 % tbc)
SJA 12%