Curriculum Intent

At St Joan of Arc RC Primary school, we value art as an important part of the children’s broad and balanced curriculum. Our school’s art programme has been developed upon reflection of The EYFS framework, The National Curriculum and Chris Quigley’s Essential Curriculum. Children develop their understanding of the visual language of art with effective teaching and considered sequences of lessons and experiences. Understanding of the visual elements of art and design (line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, shape, 3D form) is developed by providing a curriculum that inspires, engages and challenges children. We teach children about significant artists and artistic movements, exploring the unique techniques, styles and contexts of these themes.

Curriculum Implementation

Throughout their time at St Joan of Arc RC Primary School, the children are given a range of opportunities to explore a wide variety of materials and techniques, developing their skills and thinking as young artists. The skills and knowledge that children will develop throughout each art unit are are progressive throughout the school right from Nursery through to Year Six, following the National Curriculum (KS 1&2) and the Development Matters statements (EYFS).  From year one onwards, the emphasis on artistic knowledge through the Chris Quigley scheme ensures that children understand the context of the artwork, as well as the artists that they are learning about and taking inspiration from. Children have opportunities to experiment artistically in a range of curricular contexts; this is particularly the case in English where the CLPE Power of Reading scheme incorporates artistic visualisation using artistic mediums on a regular basis.

Curriculum Impact

By the time children leave St Joan of Arc RC Primary School, we want them to have developed a passion for art and creativity, working both independently and collaboratively. They will have grown in confidence when using a range of tools and techniques, becoming artists that can apply the skills and knowledge that they have developed throughout the years and who can respond critically to their own and other’s work.