House Information

Every staff member and pupil entering the school becomes a member of one of the four houses. Each house represents a crucial milestone in St Joan’s life as well as a Christian Value that she personified. Each Christian Value has a specific ethos associated with it that the school community aspires to personify. Pupils form loyalties to their House and achieve a sense of belonging.

The House system provides a link between the different staff and age groups in the school, offering opportunities for working, competing, playing and praying together.

House Captains are elected for each new academic year. These roles of responsibility allow children to demonstrate leadership qualities while supporting their school house through different events, competitions and liturgies.


St. Joan of Arc was born in Domremy – a small village in North-Eastern France. With her farmer parents and siblings, she was raised in a loving family and was called by God.

Christian Value – LOVE
Ethos – Be loving, kind and well-mannered

Fleur De Lys

God called St. Joan of Arc to service by leading the French Army to victory against the English invaders. On her banner was the Fleur de Lys – a symbol of patriotism.

Christian Value – SERVICE
Ethos – Be generous, kind and thoughtful of others


Twenty five years after her death, her conviction was overturned. In 1909, as a sign of respect, Pope Pius X had Joan beatified. In 1920 Pope Benedict XV canonised Joan and she became a saint.

Christian Value – RESPECT
Ethos – Look after yourself, each other and the school


St. Joan of Arc was captured and handed over to the English; she was convicted of witch craft and sentenced to death – to be burnt at the stake. Her courage is inspirational.

Christian Value – COURAGE
Ethos – Be honest and brave