It is our ambition that every child at St Joan of Arc school is taught to read easily and with understanding. By providing the children with an engaging curriculum, we hope to instil a passion for reading and a love of writing in all of our children.

We aim to develop the ability and desire to read widely and deeply for pleasure. We believe that reading is the most important educational skill a child will learn at school and recognise that it should be at the heart of the curriculum.


Children learn phonics using the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. scheme. The children learn to recognise graphemes and their corresponding phonemes. They learn to blend sounds together to be able to read whole words and understand their meaning. As the children become more confident readers, we support them in developing their fluency, comprehension, reasoning and inference skills using texts from Oxford Reading Buddy and from CLPE.


Using these units for CLPE, our English curriculum is planned to be engaging and broad. It is designed to develop children’s understanding of literary forms, extend their wider knowledge of the world and foster empathy for the human experience. Children develop their language competency by working with high-quality resources that show how language, grammar, phonics and spelling can be contextualised in meaningful ways. This is further supplemented using the Read Write Inc. spelling programme, which equips the children to understand the complexities of the English language.