At St. Joan of Arc, we adapt the Rising Stars History Scheme of Learning, which ensures pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of their local history, as well as that of the United Kingdom and the wider world.

Each unit across key stage 1 and 2 have key questions to develop the use of historical enquiry, as well as a focus on the acquisition and application of key subject knowledge, concepts and vocabulary throughout. Skills, knowledge and understanding in History progress through Year One to Year Six, being taught, developed and applied throughout the schemes of work. A range of opportunities is provided to enable all pupils to communicate their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Links are made across the units to support children in making connections and developing a strong overview of chronology and local-to global history. History is taught in three discrete blocks across the year, giving children opportunities to achieve a deeper understanding of the subject matter, with cross-curricular links planned in where applicable.