Year 6 Judaism Workshop

Report on our Judaism Workshop by Elizabeth Gazae and Ciara Long

On Tuesday the 10th of October 2023, both classes in Year 6 went to a Judaism workshop to learn all about Rosh Hashanah, Jewish new year. Traditionally, it is the custom of all Jewish people to enjoy a meal including pomegranate, sweet bread and apple dipped in honey. After three days, the Jewish celebrate Yom Kippur. This is a day where they remember all sad things that they’ve done in the past year. Metaphorically, they imagine that God opens a book to write if they will have a good year or not. They have three days to do so, say sorry, give to charity and pray. On the fourth day, they don’t eat for 25 hours and then have a big dinner/feast at the end.

We also learnt about Jewish marriages. They are very different from Christian marriages. On their wedding day they have tallit used as a canopy above them to represent an open home. This invites other people to be welcomed into their homes that they will create in the future. Another interesting fact was they have a glass cup that the man or groom will step on so it can break. This is a sign that although happy things are happening sad things are also taking place around the world.

We really enjoyed learning about the Jewish faith and especially enjoyed eating our Jewish sweet treats afterwards!