Tag rugby competition

Report by Sports Captains, Maddox and Aidan:

On Wednesday 15th November we took out a tag rugby team  to go and compete in a  tournament at market road. However it was only a couple of people who were selected Maddox,Bruno,Aidan,Myles,Billy,Joseph,Eloise,Abigail,Bianca and Aldana.

These people did fantastic as they were able to win the entire  tournament! The matches were not as they normally are as there was no final it was just groups and if you came 1st in your group then your team would get to go to the final group and compete against other teams that won their group. But there were not enough groups so that meant the losing team would get to go to the final group too. If you were not able to make that cut then you would still go to another group now so that your team would be able to play even more matches. In our first match we won 3-0 against Prior Weston in the second match we won 4-2 against Grafton in the third match and the final of our first group was against Ambler which were a very good team however we beat them 2-0.

After that, we qualified for the final group where we would face Canonbury, William Tyndale and St Johns Highbury Vale. In the first match of this group we were up against Canonbury our rivals and we drew to them 0-0 with a very good tag from Maddox on their last attempt. In the second game of that group we played William Tyndale and beat them 3-0. In the very final match against St John  we were able them 3-0. Our top tagger from our school was Abigail and our top try scorer was Maddox.