Football Tournament

On Monday 21st November, twenty children from years four and six represented St Joan of Arc in a local football competition. The children worked extremely hard to train and prepare themselves for the day, with a special thanks to Ottilie and Emily M for all of your behind the scenes preparation and organisation!

The group stages consisted of 5 games, of which both the year 4 and year 6 teams won or drew all games. The year 4 team went straight to the final, whereas the year 6 team had to participate in a penalty shoot-out due to a three-team tie. Well done to Anselme for being in goal and Jacob and Luke for stepping up to taking the penalties, bringing the SJA year 6 team in to the finals too.

Congratulations to the year 4 team who beat their opponents 2-0 and were the champions! Unfortunately, the year 6 final ended in a draw so extra time was added and in the last 30 seconds they conceded a goal. They should be incredibly proud of their efforts and placing 2nd overall. A special mention to the year 6 girl footballers, of whom the lead referee praised for their incredible skills and even mentioned they were among the best at the competition… future Lionesses I wonder?!

Both teams displayed excellent sportsmanship, resilience and teamwork, as well as showing great support to each other. Very well done to all the children. Year 4 team: Orlando, Oliver, Patrick, David, Mathias, Ify, Hosanna, Aldana, Betty and Eislah-Rose. Year 6 team: Ottie, Emily M, Emily H, Bella, Jack S, Luca, Luke, Jacob, Anselme and William.