Geography during the Autumn Term!

Before the Christmas holidays, we reviewed the geography provision at our school. It was amazing to see all the fantastic work going across the school from Nursery to Year 6. In Nursery, the children were exploring winter, in reception the children were using positional and locational language to programme beebots and play Simon Says.

In Year 1 the children had been learning about the local area and were creating maps of the school and their classrooms.Year 2 were exploring the seasons and Year 3 were looking at different biomes across the world and climate and weathers you find there. Year 4 were exploring the human and physical features of North and South America. Year 5 were also exploring the local area, discussing the redevelopment of Highbury corner and the weighing up the pros and cons of this major change.

Finally, Year 6 were exploring life in the Amazon and how it can be protected.
Here is some of the things the children said about geography:
“I like learning the symbols you find on maps.”
“I like learning about changes to our local environment.”
“I like locating places on the atlas and finding out things like: the highest mountain range in South America is the Andes.”

It was excellent seeing the children’s hard work and talking to them about their learning.