Football competition

Today, twenty-one children from years 4-6 represented St Joan of Arc at a football competition and what a day it was! There were two separate competitions and teams on the day. Max, Harry, Seb, Samuel, Bradwin,  Leo, Milan, Azara, Alexa and Blanche made up the Year 4 team and Bruno, Aidan, Maddox, Ife, Orlando, Myles, David, Eloise, Abigail, Aldana and Ivana made up the Year 5/6 team.

The group stages consisted of 7 games, of which both the Year 4 team and the mixed Year 5/6 team won or drew all their games. The Year 5/6 team went straight into the final, but the Year 4 team had to participate in a sudden death penalty shoot-out. Max’s excellent goalkeeping skills and Harry’s powerful shot sent their team to the final also.

The Year 5/6 team played incredibly well in the final and beat their opponents 2-0. The Year 4 team was head-to-head ending in a 0-0 draw so had to compete in a penalty shoot-out again where we narrowly missed out on the gold trophy. A special thanks to Harry and Milan for the bravery in taking the penalties for your team and Max for goalkeeping.