Cross Country

Cross Country Team News

Report by Sports Captains Eloise and Maddox

This term, we worked hard for the Islington cross country championships which took place on the 1st of November. A big well done to all the competitors for getting through the trials and doing the daily mile often as practice. Everybody did their very best and should be extremely proud of themselves

Year 4 came 4th, so they sadly didn’t get medals, but did very well even so. Special congrats to Blanche for the girls as she came 2nd! Also, wow to Sebastian as had had the gold in his pocket but took the wrong course and retraced his steps, getting in the first 20!

Year 5 came 3rd, so they got bronze medals, and did very well. Special congrats to Alex, Oliver and Ify as they came 4th, 5th and 7th! For the girls, special congrats to Molly as she was the first SJA girl and came 14th!

Year 6 came 1st so reclaimed the trophy and got gold medals! Special congrats to Aidan, Myles, Bruno, Billy and Eloise who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 4th! Additionally, well done to these five children as they are selected for the London Youth Games Cross Country Islington team next Saturday at Parliament Hill.

Thank you to all the teachers and parent helpers who came on the day.