Coronation Celebration!

The coronation of King Charles III and his wife Camilla was celebrated in Phase 2 in a unique way.

To recognise the King’s passion for the environment we planted a cherry tree outside the main entrance of the school. All children planted seeds, which will add colour to the school grounds. Representatives from each class helped Mr Shreeves with this exciting planting project and we look forward to seeing the tree flourish.

To mark this momentous occasion in British history, we created a time capsule which was planted underneath the cherry tree! Inside the time capsule we buried a variety of objects to represent ‘life at SJA’ and each class wrote an informative letter for the exciting recipients whenever the time capsule is discovered….

Throughout the day pupils enjoyed celebrating with their class, creating unique crowns and flags to wave. This celebration needed refreshments fit for royalty – children made their own traditional cucumber sandwich which we we enjoyed together during our indoor picnic.

Finally, the sunshine made an appearance and we listened to the SJA choirs performing outdoors. What a day to remember!