Our Role

Welcome to the Governors’ page of our school web site.

The Governors are proud of our school’s record as a successful and caring learning environment for local catholic families. This reputation has been earned by the hard work and dedication of our staff team and the strong support of our parents and carers. The Governors are committed to providing a broad and inclusive education, allowing all children to fulfill their potential.

The Governors are legally responsible for the running of the school, making decisions in key areas for the benefit of, and on behalf of, everybody concerned with school – pupils, parents, carers, all staff and the diocese. We are also members of the school and parish communities, many of us are parents of pupils past and present.

Our key role is in supporting the work of Miss Campbell and the staff, and making important decisions about how the school will be run.

We also aim to be approachable and to listen to the communities we represent. Most of all we want to contribute to St Joan of Arc continuing to be a happy and thriving school!

Governor Committees

The Governing Body of the school meets once a term, and is composed of representatives from the Diocese, Council, parents and staff. Foundation Governors are appointed by the diocese of Westminster, and parent governors are elected by parents and carers. Most decisions are made at committee level; the four committees being Curriculum, Finance & Premises, Staffing and School Admissions.


Financial Transparency

Please click on the link below to take you to the school’s Financial Benchmarking page on the website.

Schools Financial Benchmarking

Governing Body  Meeting Minutes



Structure of the Governing Body

Governing Body Register of Interests as of Summer 2017

Governing Body Register of Attendance as of Autumn 2016

Annual Governance Statement


Governing Body

 Karen Addy & Elodie Denjen– 
(Joint Chair of Governing Body)

(Vice-Chair of Governing Body)

  1. Father Gerard King – Foundation Governor
  2. Elodie Denjean – Foundation Governor
  3. Karen Addy – Foundation Governor
  4. Claire Gorman – Foundation Governor
  5. Charlotte McMillan – Foundation Governor
  6. Kofi Adu-Boahene – Foundation Governor
  7. Emma Dunne – Foundation Governor
  8. Victoria Sowerby – Foundation Governor
  9. Rebecca Eaves – Co-opted Governor
  10. Caroline Piers – Co-opted Governor
  11. Lindsay Christie – Parent Governor
  12. Vanesa Pazos – Parent Governor
  13. Sara Tibbs- Staff Governor
  14. Clare Campbell – Headteacher



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